Cognitive – motor analysis

A unique way to assess the quality of performing various motor actions in difficult and for this occasion created specific conditions

It is completely designed by experts employed in our sports-diagnostic center and includes fast processing of general or specific multimediacontent.

It serves to objectively assess the initial and transitive states of athletes in the field of cognitive and motor abilities under high correlations.

Namely, the experiences of our experts have shown an extremely high correlation between the results that the athlete achieves in this analysis and his performance on the field. A particularly high percentage of direct connectivity was observed among younger athletes, where our experts came to the conclusion that, based on cognitive-motor analysis and the results achieved by the child on it, can predict further development and progress of the child in his performance on the field. Furthermore, in children in whom cognitive – motor analysis showed certain deficits, after working with our experts in order to correct this deficit, a significant improvement in the child’s sports performance was observed!

In accordance with the results of the analysis, goals are set and a training program is implemented.

An example of an exercise that is part of cognitive-motor analysis:

  • the young athlete stands in the starting position holding the ball
  • his legs are marked A (right) and B (left), his arms are 1 (right) and 2 (left)
  • at three meters from it there are 4 targets, yellow, red, blue and green
  • on the coach’s “A-1-yellow” sign, he must process the task as soon as possible and hit the yellow target, standing on his right foot and throwing the ball with his right hand

The maximum number of points is given if the athlete has completed the task in a given unit of time, technically correct and successfully hit the target,while each error in performing the task carries certain negative points, based on which the final result is calculated.


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