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    Best doctor award

    Our team has top experts in their fields. For seven years in a row, our doctors have won the award for the best doctor!

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    Innovative methods

    Our institution is a leader in the introduction of orthopedic innovations in these areas – stem cells, implantation of artificial cartilage, orthobaloon and more.

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    Affordable pricing

    Our goal is to offer affordable and excellent healtcare for everybody. Check current benefits and save on costs, not on quality.


    Video consultation

    Can’t visit in person? No problem. Schedule a 1-on-1 video consultation with our specialists and find out all the details about your issues.

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    Our services

    Wide array
    of medical services

    Innovative treatment methods, minimally invasive procedures, one-day surgery and regenerative treatment methods in orthopedics.


    Treatment of orthopedic and trauma problems of the locomotor system. Facilitate the movement.

    Orthopedic innovations

    We have been working on the continuous introduction of the latest medical knowledge for over 15 years.

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    A combination of physical therapy, electro therapy, massage techniques and exercise, for the most effective recovery.

    Manual therapy

    Our physical therapists will offer you the best exercise methods for a quick and complete recovery.

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    The latest methods of diagnosis and determination of the current state of the organism. Indispensable methods for complete healing and recovery.

    Top diagnostics

    Determining the general condition of the body is the first step in successfully treatment and ensuring the safety of you and your child.

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    Prim. Milan Milošević, MD

    Clinic founder

    Dr. Milan Milošević, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology with over 20 years of experience, founder and director of the Ribnjak Polyclinic, head of the orthopedic clinic. For 6 years in a row, he has been awarded as the best doctor of Croatian patients.


    prim., FEBOT

    Andrej Radić, MD

    Orthopedic specialist, FEBOT certified orthopedist.

    Luka Davidović, MD

    Doctor of Medicine

    prim. dr.sc.

    Vladimir Barbarossa

    Specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, MD


    Srđan Ante Anzić, MD

    Otorhinolaryngology specialist, subspecialist in head and neck plastic surgery

    prim. MD

    Ante Munitić, MD

    Specialist in ENT surgery and plastic surgery of the head and neck

    Personal trainer at the Polyclinic

    Kristijan Blažević, prof.

    Professor of kinesiology, fitness and football coach. Fitness trainer for women’s and men’s senior and junior national team members of Croatia in table tennis.


    Friends of the Polyclinic

    People and organizations with whose help we remain among the best in Croatia

    Doctors’ Football Club

    Sports association of our doctors and associates


    Operative orthopedics

    Surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of the locomotor system and aesthetic orthopedics


    CROATIA Osiguranje
    CROATIA Osiguranje

    CROATIA Osiguranje

    All insured persons of Croatia Osiguranje receive benefits when using our services


    UNIQA osiguranje

    Take advantage of UNIQA osiguranje in our Polyclinic


    MNK Alumnus Sesvete

    Croatian indoor soccer first league, men’s champion of Croatia in 2014, women’s champion of Croatia in 2018. and 2019.

    News from the Polyclinic

    Current events in the field of orthopedics and medical innovations and activities of the Ribnjak Polyclinic

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    Client testimonials

    The words of our satisfied clients speak the most

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    In short

    Polyclinic Ribnjak is a unique institution in the Republic of Croatia. It unites different branches of medicine, all in order to stay true to its slogan “Health and Beauty. Together”. Orthopedics, advanced sports diagnostics, functional and kinesiological rehabilitation, cosmetic surgery and treatments are the services we provide on a daily basis, professionally and in accordance with the latest professional standards.


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