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Polyclinic Ribnjak is a specialized institution for orthopedics, traumatology, sports diagnostics, but also plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and treatments.

It has been present on the market for more than 15 years and is constantly increasing the number and quality of services it provides to clients of all ages. Specialists in orthopedics, plastic and reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, anesthesiology, and professors of kinesiology and certified physiotherapists perform daily examinations, diagnostic processing and treatments – both conservative and operative.

As a unique institution in this part of Europe and the first in Croatia, we perform implantation of artificial cartilage CARTIVA, for the purpose of treating worn cartilage and InSpace orthopedic balloon, to completely eliminate shoulder pain caused by damage to the rotator cuff.

We especially emphasize regenerative methods of treatment, such as the application of stem cells and autologous conditioned plasma in the treatment of soft tissue damage, especially articular cartilage. We are also the first and for now the only health institution that uses stem cells from the ear cartillage to treat damaged joints.

The Sports Diagnostic Center of the Ribnjak Polyclinic brings together in one place all the medical services that an athlete may need – preventive treatments, diagnostic services, conservative and operative treatment services, and physiotherapeutic and kinesiological rehabilitation services.

The Polyclinic is registered as a day-hospital with a modern operating room for procedures under every types of anesthesia. We are recognized as a unique place of top health services in this area, following the slogan “Health and Beauty. Together“.

The foundational professional area of our institution is orthopedics.

The goal of providing orthopedic services is for our patients to return to the daily activities as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Therefore, the Polyclinic provides specialist examinations, diagnostics in the form of ultrasound and arthroscopic procedures, treatment with biological methods and physical procedures and surgical treatment of all joints of the body – shoulders, knees and ankles, procedures on the spine, hands, feet, as well as one-day procedures.

In addition to orthopedic activities, in cooperation with eminent experts in the fields of physiotherapy, kinesiology and sports medicine, we provide a complete medical-sports evaluation service. Diagnostic methods such as spiroergometry and the use of a complex clinical examination in the medical assessment of athletes are the services that set us apart and make us a unique institution in this area.

In Ribnjak Polyclinic, we provide a professional medical service in accordance with existing standards and rules of the profession, in order to provide our clients with the best possible care. This is, above all, possible thanks to the highly educated professional staff of the Polyclinic, fully dedicated to the well-being of the users of our services. Maximum flexibility in work as well as affordability of services, result in constant development of the quality of our institution.


Meet our experts

Many years of experience, dedication to work and constant improvement of knowledge ensure top service.

Founder, director

Prim. Milan Milošević, MD

Specialist in orthopedics and traumatology of the bone and joint system


prim., FEBOT

Andrej Radić, MD

Orthopedic specialist, FEBOT certified orthopedist.


Vladimir Barbarossa

Orthopedic specialist, MD


Srđan Ante Anzić, MD

Otorhinolaryngology specialist, subspecialist in head and neck plastic surgery


Luka Davidović, MD


Personal trainer at the Polyclinic

Kristijan Blažević, prof.

Professor of kinesiology, fitness and football coach. Fitness trainer for women’s and men’s senior and junior national team members of Croatia in table tennis.

prim. MD

Ante Munitić, MD

Specialist in ENT surgery and plastic surgery of the head and neck

Friends of the Polyclinic

People and organizations with whose help we remain among the best in Croatia

Doctors’ Football Club

Sports association of our doctors and associates

Operative orthopedics

Surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of the locomotor system and aesthetic orthopedics

CROATIA Osiguranje
CROATIA Osiguranje

CROATIA Osiguranje

All insured persons of Croatia Osiguranje receive benefits when using our services

UNIQA osiguranje

Take advantage of UNIQA osiguranje in our Polyclinic

MNK Alumnus Sesvete

Croatian indoor soccer first league, men’s champion of Croatia in 2014, women’s champion of Croatia in 2018. and 2019.


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    In short

    Polyclinic Ribnjak is a unique institution in the Republic of Croatia. It unites different branches of medicine, all in order to stay true to its slogan “Health and Beauty. Together”. Orthopedics, advanced sports diagnostics, functional and kinesiological rehabilitation, cosmetic surgery and treatments are the services we provide on a daily basis, professionally and in accordance with the latest professional standards.


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