Bodyweight trening

Bodyweight trening

Bodyweight training, in translation, bodyweight training, refers to the performance of any exercise in which we use our own body as the primary source of resistance. Each workout consists of sixbasic body movements that we use in everyday life, and this is also the biggest advantage of bodyweight training:

  • push (vertical and horizontal)
  • pull (vertical and horizontal)
  • rotation
  • hip flexion
  • squats
  • lunges

We also include running, walking and jumping in this training.

There are three types of bodyweight training:

  • STRENGTHa small number of repetitions with heavier exercises where we use a large percentage of our own body weight
  • MUSCLE ENDURANCEa combination of strength and endurance, more repetitions using a lower percentage of bodyweight
  • CARDIO-RESPIRATORY ENDURANCE more repetitions, easier exercises such as running uphill, skipping rope or jumping

We can train strength every day of the week, in order to progress as quickly as possible, while in endurance training we do not train every day at high heart rate values,as it canhave a counter-effect.

Bodyweighttraining strengthens muscles andjoints,involves the coremuscles, improvesbody posture, develops the effectiveness of basic movement patterns in everyday life, reduces body fat, reduces stress and has a positive effect on the mind.

In short

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