Haglund’s heel

Our orthopedic team led by Dr. Milan Milošević sovereignly solves the problem of Haglund’s heel.

A sore and deformed heel is a health and aesthetic problem. In addition to daily obligations, the accelerated pace of life, walking with such a heel can be a real pain. Redness and swelling are common, with great difficulty in wearing shoes. Such a condition has a professional name – Haglund’s heel.

Haglund’s deformity is one of the forms of a painful heel, caused by the conflict of soft tissue structures and the bony part of the heel, which itself can be of different shapes. Between the heel bone and the Achilles tendon, there is a mucous sac or bursa, which becomes inflamed and painful due to the constant pressure of the shoes on the heel.


Soon the heel becomes painful and swollen, and the gait difficult. The shoes become uncomfortable and create difficulties at every step. Over time, the swelling increases and creates concern in patients. Changes are especially noticeable in younger women who wear high-heeled shoes!

After orthopedic examination with heel ultrasound, non-operative treatment with wearing orthopedic insoles and physical therapy is initially recommended. Sometimes the giving of the so-called blockade, ie. injection of anesthetics and corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and pain. In conservative treatment, we recommend pulsed magnetic therapy with the use of platelet rich plasma. After only a few treatments, a noticeable improvement is visible in the vast majority of cases.

For resistant cases of this condition, surgical treatment is reserved!

Polyclinic Ribnjak, as a unique place of orthopedics and plastic surgery services, is the right address for your easy and painless step!

In short

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