Knee arthroscopy

Fast and painless treatment of damaged cartilage, meniscus and ligaments with minimal incision and significantly shortened repair time. One-day procedure – no overnight stay!

The Ribnjak Polyclinic performs surgical treatment of injuries and pathological changes of the knee joint, injuries of the meniscus, articular cartilage and ligaments of the knee in a completely individualizedmanner.

Arthroscopic knee surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that restores function to your knee and as such represents the gold standard in surgical treatment. Of all the joints in the body, the knee joint is the most commonly the subject of arthroscopy. Everyday activities can easily lead to various types of knee injuries, among which meniscus injuries stand out in particular. These are vital structures of our knee, but they are just as extremely prone to damage.

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Arthroscopic treatment of diseased and injured joints

If surgical treatment is needed, special medical equipment and the highest quality surgical material are necessary to achieve a successful result.

Through standard skin incisions, up to 2 cm in size, the joint is accessed, and the injured structure is repaired with the help of special instruments. Sometimes it is enough to limit the procedure only to the injured meniscus. In case of major damage, the duration of the procedure is extended.

Due to the sparing surgical technique, the surrounding tissue remains intact and the aesthetic result is much more acceptable. Also, the course of recovery is significantly shortened compared to the “classic” surgery, which allows the patient to return to daily activities faster.


Prior to the procedure, it is necessary to perform laboratory treatment with special emphasis on the parameters of blood clotting, followed by an examination by an anesthesiologist. It is of the utmost importance to alert your doctor to a history of allergic reactions to a medicine if you suffer from it.

In our institution, knee arthroscopy is performed under regional intravenous anesthesia with local anesthetic addition. This enables the fastest and most painless course of the procedure for the patient, safe and fast recovery, as well as discharge to home care a few hours after the procedure.


After the anesthesia is relieved, the pain that occurs passes within a few days and can be reduced by the use of analgesics. After a few hours, it is allowed to go to home care, which is a great advantage of this approach because it does not require a longer stay in the Polyclinic.

The next day after the procedure, there is a check-up and bandaging. Very quickly, the patient is referred to dosed physical therapy under the control of the operator. Due to the accelerated atrophy of the thigh muscle, therapy should be started as soon as possible, in order to avoid possible damage to the operated tissue and speed up recovery.

Recovery after meniscus surgery is expected in 4 weeks. Platelet rich plasma injections accelerate healing and give excellent results. Throughout this period, your recovery is closely monitored.

If reconstruction of the cruciate ligaments of the knee is performed during knee arthroscopy, recovery is more complex. Rehabilitation after cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery is significantly longer and requires joint monitoring by your operator, physiotherapist and kinesiologist, with special emphasis on the status of muscle groups and their proper balance.


When knee arthroscopy is performed with special care and according to all the rules of the profession, complications during and after the procedure are not expected. However, in rare cases of side effects, our experienced team of experts is specially trained for such extraordinary circumstances.

During postoperative care, our professional staff is at your disposal for any inquiries.


Method of regeneration of damaged knee structures using stem cells from ear cartilage – RIGENERA. More information in the link.

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