My shoulder hurts – what should I do?

There are many causes of shoulder pain. Learn more below.

Painful shoulder syndrome

Functional anatomy of the shoulder joint

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All the joints in the human body have been evolved for thousands and thousands of years by systems that allow man to perform all the simple and complicated actions necessary for his survival. Any deformation of any component of these complex systems will lead to an imbalance in the function of other structures that make up the joint, and thus to a violation of the function not only of the deformed part of the joint, but to the deformation and malfunction of the entire joint. Fortunately, in such situations, various compensatory mechanisms are activated in the form of extra-articular structures (ligaments, tendons, muscles) which by their passive and active action stabilize the joint whose functionality is anatomically impaired, but these compensatory mechanisms have their capacity and if it is exceeded, symptomatic manifestations of joint disorder.

The group of shoulder girdle diseases that fall under the term painful shoulder syndrome includes all diseases that are not classified as congenital and acquired shoulder diseases. They are very often of obscure origin, and are successfully treated with both conservative and, in severe cases, operative methods. Painful shoulder syndrome includes disorders such as:

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