Platelet rich plasma

The gold standard in the treatment and regeneration of soft tissues in orthopedics

Platelet plazma

Biological method of treatment, widespread in several medical branches, such as orthopedics, plastic surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology and many others.

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Let’s start with the basic question: what is platelet rich plasma ?

It is a preparation of your own blood which, after being removed in the classic way (from one of the veins on the inside of your elbow), is carefully placed in a device designed specifically for that purpose and then centrifuged. The purpose of centrifugation, which is performed in special ampoules, is to separate blood plasma and platelets from the blood, which is possible based on the fact that different cells and structures that can be found in a blood sample have different masses. In this way, after centrifugation, the mass of the largest blood component, such as red blood cells (erythrocytes), which give the blood its specific red color, and many others, will be deposited at the bottom of the ampoule, while the clear-yellow blood plasma preparation remains. which also contains platelets(platelets).

A concentration of 1,000,000 platelets per cubic milliliter represents what we call platelet-rich plasma. This is almost five times the concentration of platelets compared to their usual plasma concentration (without this procedure).

Platelets or platelets have numerous roles in the body, but are best known for their role in the process of stopping bleeding (hemostasis). They are a key component of an extremely complex cascade of events that begins with mechanical trauma to a part of the body and associated blood vessels, and ends, in healthy people, with wound healing and re-establishing tissue continuity as it was before the injury. What makes platelets so special and indispensable part of the proper functioning of a healthy organism is the fact that they contain a large number of small molecules that we call growth factors. Growth factors are responsible for tissue regeneration after trauma, but also for the growth of new tissue, the formation of new blood vessels and many other similar processes. Thus, the basic intention of applying platelet rich plasma directly to the site of tissue trauma is to enable a more efficient supply of damaged tissue with growth factors. Since the damaged tissue is permeated with blood vessels, and thus blood and consequently platelets, it has a certain potential for self-renewal, but with the use of platelet rich plasma this process is significantly accelerated and results in a more thorough and better recovery.

When it comes to the musculoskeletal system, the PRP method is gaining an increasing number of users among athletes, both recreational and professional, but also among the rest of the population.


In addition to the release of the so-called. growth factors, platelets also secrete a whole range of molecules required for said tissue regeneration. Their role is reflected in the positive effect on the processes of creating vascular structures, the so-called. angiogenesis as well as proliferation of undifferentiated stem cells!

The effect of platelet rich plasma on soft tissue healing is the result of the activation of several growth factors in your blood. It is growth factors that are responsible for tissue healing processes. Their increased concentration accelerates the healing of injuries to tendons, ligaments, muscles and other soft tissues, and, ultimately, significantly alleviates the problems caused by arthrosis or “aging” of the joint. According to some research, the application of platelet plasma can speed up the recovery process of injured soft tissues two to three times!

Regarding the healing of bone injuries, it should be noted that the PRP method itself does not have the so-called. osteoinductive properties (ability to stimulate bone growth and remodeling), required for bone repair. However, the PRP method also has a positive effect on bone tissue. How is that possible?

Each type of tissue in the human body contains a certain amount of multipotentstem cells. This type of stem cells should not be confused with classical embryonicstem cells, which are usually referred to when we mention the term “stem cells” in colloquial speech. Namely, embryonic stem cells have unlimited potential for transformation into all cell types in the human body, while multipotent stem cells are already focused on some path of differentiation and have the potential for conversion into a limited number of different cell types. This is where the benefit of applying the PRP method to bone tissue comes into play – growth factors and other molecules found in high concentration in the platelet rich plasma preparation stimulate multipotent stem cells located in the bone to turn into bone-forming bone cells (osteoblasts), so we can say that the process of bone formation using the PRP method is indirectly accelerated.

Areas of application of platelet plasma



The application of platelet rich plasma requires a good knowledge of anatomy, experience of orthopedists and superior knowledge of ultrasound presentation.

What is important to emphasize is that the whole process of blood clotting represents one very complex mechanism with a number of factors essential for the overall activation of the event cascade that will lead to tissue healing. Within 10 minutes of platelet activation, active growth factor secretion begins, so the resulting plasma should be administered within 10 minutes of preparation in a centrifuge device!

Depending on the clinical picture, but also experience, the orthopedist doses the amount of plasma to the painful site. An ultrasound examination is used to make the application as accurate as possible, even though the plasma is resorbed in the entire given area!


An orthopedic specialist determines the indication for this type of treatment by a detailed clinical examination and inspection of medical documentation. Despite the fact that this is a completely natural treatment with no side effects, it is important to note that not all patients are candidates for this type of treatment. This group of patients includes patients with malignant diseases, patients in a state of acute infection and patients in whom tissue damage is so great that we cannot guarantee success in treatment.

At the Ribnjak Polyclinic, the protocol for the use of platelet rich plasma includes between two and four treatments – in some patients, after two treatments, obvious progress in treatment is noticeable, while in some patients the results are visible only after multiple injections. It is an outpatient treatment in which blood is drawn after the examination, which is then centrifuged, and ten minutes later the platelet plasma obtained by centrifugation is injected at the desired location, usually under the control of ultrasound. At the end of the platelet rich plasma treatment cycle, an ultrasound examination by an orthopedic specialist follows. Control ultrasound provides us with a wealth of data on the condition of soft tissues and the effect of this application of this method of treatment.

High-resolution ultrasound, but also the experience of the orthopedic team of the Polyclinic, allows you to make a diagnosis, as well as adequate treatment options!

Ultrasound unmistakably reveals the progress in treatment and the exact determination of the condition after the injury and a more accurate prognosis of the recovery of the musculoskeletal system!

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