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Our experts in the field of orthopedics, sports medicine, kinesiology and fitness are at your disposal in several options – fitness preparation, medical-sports evaluation of the child, functional rehabilitation, educational training, sports massage and providing assistance in targeted training.

Individualizing a training plan and program is only the initial step in achieving your ultimate goal. Further steps include a clear and consistent motivation to follow the training plan and program faithfully, creating realistic expectations in terms of the time required to achieve this goal, but also morean extremely important component – adherence to the instructions from the plan and program and the correct and accurate execution of exercises.

Every exercise in the training plan and program is included in it for a reason, and any irregularities in the performance of these exercises will lead to unsatisfactory results, which is a surprisingly common problem with training designed in this way. Even on paper, the most detailed training can not replace the trainer who stands by you while performing the exercise – except that its presence motivates you to find a piece of strength that you may not even know you have, it also corrects you during the exercise.

In our sports – diagnostic center, there is a superbly arranged exercise space at your disposal, as well as a coach who will dedicate himself to you to the maximum in your scheduled time. With the trainer you can adjust the default training plan and program to your current condition, perform exercises with a tendency to personal progress and most importantly, perform exercises in the best possible way, both for your health and for your personal goal.

Our experts are trained to:

  • demonstration of proper performance of exercises
  • conducting a training processthat affects the development of simple and complex patterns of movement, and intermuscular andintramuscularcoordination
  • education inourarea for health-oriented exerciseincludes introduction to trainers, free weights and other aids
  • work with children as part of medical-sports evaluation
  • teaching proper content technique, load periodization, and the anatomical foundations of thehuman body
  • work with professional and recreational athletes on conditioningtraining
  • work inour gym with convalescents on targeted strengthening of damaged tissue
  • kinesiologicalapproach to the turning point between physical rehabilitation and fitness preparation, which aims to prepare the bone and joint, tendon, muscle and nerve structures for progressive stimuli
  • conducting sports massage
  • conductingbodyweighttraining – individually or in groups

In our offeryou can find several types of training assistance, all of which are provided by our renowned external associate Kristijan Blažević in cooperation with our physiotherapist Hrvoje Vidović, and other kinesiologists and physiotherapists.

Kristijan Blažević he is a professor of kinesiology, fitness and football coach. Currently, in addition to the duties in our Polyclinic, he also performs the duty of official strength and conditioning coach for women’s and men’s seniors and junior national team of Croatia in table tennis. He has many years of experience in conducting training and rehabilitation programs for top athletes, recreationists and children. He developed a method of cognitive-motor analysis by which, with a high percentage of success, he assesses coordination-motor abilities in children based on specially designed tests.

All training and rehabilitation options are conducted in our health-oriented exercise space. The space is modern and richly furnished.

Our sports-diagnostic center in the context of training and rehabilitation offers you the following services:


Individual strenght and conditioning preparation

In full cooperation with athletes and their coaches, our expert, based on many years of experience, plans and programs training aimed at injury prevention, health and the development of specific skills. Find out more information HERE.


Medical-sportsevaluation of the child

Medical-sports evaluation of a child before or immediately after involvement in sports activity is of key importance in his proper psychophysical development. A child who adopts irregular movement patterns from the earliest days will develop much stronger limitations than his peers who perform automated movements in the right way. Equally, it is important to detect as soon as possible the limitations imposed by genetics and physical predispositions, all with the aim of guiding the child into an activity that will bring the greatest benefit to his health. Find out more information HERE.


Functional kinesiological rehabilitation

Exercise assistance by implementing an individually designed exercise program adapted to age, gender, anthropometric measures, the type and severity of the injury. This type of rehabilitation is carried out after the completion of the static rehabilitation program conducted by certified physiotherapists in our institution.



Training is accompanied by demonstrations of different exercises, while explaining each step in its proper performance of the function of each individual movement of which the exercise consists.

In short

Polyclinic Ribnjak is a unique institution in the Republic of Croatia. It unites different branches of medicine, all in order to stay true to its slogan “Health and Beauty. Together”. Orthopedics, advanced sports diagnostics, functional and kinesiological rehabilitation, cosmetic surgery and treatments are the services we provide on a daily basis, professionally and in accordance with the latest professional standards.


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