Individual conditioning preparation of athletes

An associate of our institution, professor of kinesiology Kristijan Blažević, is one of the most talented young experts in injury prevention and conditioning training of athletes. In the following text, find out how we can assist you in conditioning training, and in the video you can see a short summary of fitness training on the example of a football player.

Individualization– the key to adequate physical preparation

In full cooperation with athletes and their coaches, our expert, based on many years of experience, plans and training programs aimed at injury prevention, health and the development of specific skills. The key to proper conditioning preparation lies in adapting the basic postulates of exercising the activity in which the athlete participates. It is difficult, or even impossible, to expect that training intended, for example, to increase explosiveness in handball players, will have the same effect on footballers. Each sport is a story in itself in terms of load, use of musculature, movement and specific skills that every athlete is looking for.

This fact is one of the starting points of our individual training as part of conditioning training. Our strenght and conditioning expert, Professor Kristijan Blažević, carefully conceives the training depending on the age, gender, type of sport in which the client participates and the level of sports activity in which he participates (professional or recreational drive). Furthermore, the training is adjusted to the current level of fitness of the athlete, which is assessed on the basis of interviews with the athlete and the conduct of several short tests in order to confirm the initial assessment.

Individualizing a training plan and program is only the initial step in achieving your ultimate goal. Further steps include a clear and consistent motivation to follow the training plan and program faithfully, creating realistic expectations in terms of the time required to achieve this goal, but also morean extremely important component – adherence to the instructions from the plan and program and the correct and accurate execution of exercises.

Each exercise is designed in a way that at the same time strengthens the athlete not only in the segment that he can notice, ie in the physical fitness itself, but also as part of the prevention of future injuries. Since the Ribnjak Polyclinic is primarily focused on medicine, our intention is to reduce the number of injuries by conducting such training and educating athletes. There are very few athletes who pay attention to prevention and proper performance of exercises, most often because it is sometimes difficult to perceive the familiar phrase “less is more” in the context of exercise. The ability to perform 20 push-ups in one repetition can give the athlete a false sense of power and confidence, but the question is how quality push-ups are being performed – we will not be too wise to say that it is much better to perform five quality push-ups than twenty fast, but not completely quality push-ups. The same principle applies to all exercises in all sports.

In our sports-diagnostic center, there is a well-arranged exercise space at your disposal, as well as a coach who will dedicate himself to you to the maximum in your scheduled time. With the trainer you can adjust the default training plan and program to your current condition, perform exercises with a tendency to personal progress and most importantly, perform exercises in the best possible way, both for your health and for your personal goal. As part of individual conditioning training, we use not only the locations in our institution, but also the most beautiful possible location – open space and fresh air, when there is a need for it.

Every exercise in the training plan and program is included in it for a reason, and any irregularities in the performance of these exercises will lead to unsatisfactory results, which is a surprisingly common problem with training designed in this way. Even on paper, the most detailed training can not replace the trainer who stands by you while performing the exercise – except that its presence motivates you to find a piece of strength that you may not even know you have, it also corrects you during the exercise.

Our experts are trained to:

This type of exercise, which includes a gradual progression in intensity over several weeks, guarantees not only adequate and thorough physical preparation for the competition / sports activities for which you are preparing, but also significantly reduces the risk of future injury. One of the most difficult things that can happen to an athlete is a long absence from competitive sports, and our basic intention is to enable you to engage in sports activities without hindrance. Give us your trust, we are convinced that it will pay off many times over.

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Polyclinic Ribnjak is a unique institution in the Republic of Croatia. It unites different branches of medicine, all in order to stay true to its slogan “Health and Beauty. Together”. Orthopedics, advanced sports diagnostics, functional and kinesiological rehabilitation, cosmetic surgery and treatments are the services we provide on a daily basis, professionally and in accordance with the latest professional standards.


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