Health-oriented training plan and program

Pre-created or individualized training plan and program, aimed at improving the level of health or a specific goal



“High intensity interval training“

It is a type of high-intensity interval training (hence the name HIIT – High IntensityIntervalTraining). In our offer you can find:

  • In our offer you can find:
  • HIIT training specifically designed for men

This short but very intense training is ideal for all people who want to improve their health and shape their figure, but are hindered in this by their own pace of life and daily obligations. HIIT training usually lasts up to 30 minutes, and its additional advantage lies in the fact that it can be done anytime and anywhere, and no props are required to perform it. This type of training is extremely effective in terms of burning calories, and at the same time speeds up the metabolism.

It is important to note that quality warm-up before performing this type of training is of the utmost importance. Concentrate to perform the exercises correctly. High-intensity exercise is an effective way to maintain physical health regardless of your age, gender and anthropometric measures.With this type of training, you contribute to the preservation of the function of the cardiovascular system, by improvingflexibility, building muscleincreases thespeedof metabolismat rest.

In order to benefit from this training plan and program, it is necessary to plan the time of regeneration of the organism after the effort. In order to avoid pain in muscles and joints and prepare the body for new challenges, you must give the body time to rest. That rest does not necessarily mean lying down, in fact, even more useful is the so-called option. “Active rest” through walking, swimming, stretching or yoga.

This type of training eliminatesthe usual main reasonfor skipping exercise – lack of time.

Women can particularly benefit from this type of training in terms of reducing subcutaneous fat deposits, primarily because women on average have higher amounts of subcutaneous fat compared to men. Men,on the other hand, this training can be attractivein the context of the fact that HIIT training provento increase testosterone levels, leading to increased strength and muscle mass.


Combined training for abdominal and leg muscles

Training that combines complex exercises for combined strengthening of the cortex and lower extremities

This health-oriented training plan and program successfully combines exercises for the musculature of the abdomen and exercises for strengthening the musculature of the buttocks and legs. Spinal health is directly correlated with abdominal muscles, as the basic task of these muscles is supporting the spine and keeping the posture of the body, while their appearance is still more a matter of aesthetics than function itself. Almost the complete range of motion in the various joints of the human body arises from the muscles of the trunk(core).

The musculature of the torso that we strengthen with this type of training consists of:

  • Straight abdominal muscle (m.rectus abdominis)
  • Transverse abdominal muscle (m.transversus abdominis)
  • Internal and external oblique abdominal muscle (m.obliquus abdominis)

Spinalflexion, torsorotation, torso rotation, etc. – these are all movements that enable and directly depend on the specified muscles. Due to the different movements in which they are activated, various exercises are needed to properly strengthen all the muscles of the torso, all in order to successfully cover the complete musculature of the torso. For more pronounced abdominal muscles, ie to create “plates” on the abdomen,it is necessary to combine cardio, HIIT, strength training and, above all, proper nutrition.

The greatest effect of exerciseis achieved by performingthe exercisecorrectly, so it is necessary to direct the concentration in that direction.

The muscles of the gluteal region (buttocks) are also among the most important muscles in the body. Without these muscles, common things like walking would be unthinkable. Training focused on this muscle group is among the most sought after types of training in the world of fitness. AAccording to the results of recent scientific studies, for m. gluteus maximus they are equally effective and exercises with greater and exercises with a smaller number of repetitions. In addition, with the engagement of the buttocks muscles, we also activate the leg muscles and get a firm and spindle-shaped appearance. and, more importantly, we improve body posture and perform basic movements, such as walking. This combination exerciseallows for effective training that aims to strengthen the musculature of the buttocks, legs and abdomen, andconsequently, thelumbarpart of the back.



“Upper body workout“

Youcan fit this quick upper body development workout into any schedule. A modern lifestyle and a large amount of daily commitments often do not provide enough training time by which you maintain and improve your own health and at the same time shape your body in an attractive way. Fortunately well-planned andeffectively designed trainingprogramsgive you the opportunityto already spana short period of time to achieve the desired results.

You can perform this popular training among the male population with a minimal selection of easily available props or completely without them, and an additional advantage is training in your home, in nature or in a hotel room, between meetings orwhile you are on the road.

This health-oriented training plan and program consists of exercises that contribute to the development and increase of the muscles of the arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back and abdominal muscles. As with HIIT training, it is desirable to do a good and thorough warm-up. to make the body better adapt to the effort that follows. Start slowly and concentrate on breathing, and pay the most attention to performing the exercise correctly.

It is always nice to see well-shaped arms and backs, and in addition to the aesthetic impression, the strength of these parts of the body is important for controlling daily movements and improving flexibility and mobility. Abdominal muscles in addition to an attractive appearance have a big task in holding the spine. The chest and back are a fairly large muscle group allowing for a wide range of available exercises. There are also many imaginative combinations of exercises for the arm muscles so that your training does not become monotonous and boring.


Individualizedtraining plan and program

Training program intended exclusively for you!

Multidisciplinaryexperts in the sports-diagnostic center of the Ribnjak Polyclinic follow the latest kinesiological research and knowledge and incorporate all new knowledge into training programs designed according to your wishes and needs in order to reach the desired goal in the most efficient way.

After the purchase of this health-oriented plan andprogram training, you will fill out a specially designed questionnaire, through which our team gets acquainted with your lifestyle and habits. If you make a purchase through internet banking, a link arrives to your e-mail that takes you to the questionnaire, and if you purchase this program physically, in our sports – diagnostic center, then you fill out the questionnaire on the spot. It is crucial that the questionnaire fill in the questionnaire as accurately and precisely as possible, so that our team of experts can design the best monthly training for you. Once your health-oriented training plan and program is completed, we will send it to your email address. The training is completely individualized and intended for you, its total duration is 30 days.

All additional questions and ambiguities related to the training program can be resolved by asking our e-mail.


VIPtraining plan and program

A special type of training with constant monitoring by fitness training experts

Detailed VIP program designed according to your wishes.

We designed this special program for you and yours yourdesire for even greater engagementof ourteam. certified trainer, nutrition, dance classes, diagnosticprocedures…).

We are expecting you in our sports and diagnostic center at Ulica grada Mainza 17! See you!


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