Individual medical-sports evaluation of a child athlete

Our experts in the field of orthopedics, sports medicine, kinesiology and fitness are at your disposal in several options – functional rehabilitation, educational training, medical-sports evaluation of children and adults and providing assistance in targeted training

Medical-sports evaluation of a child before or immediately after involvement in sports activity is of key importance in his proper psychophysical development. A child who adopts irregular movement patterns from the earliest days will develop much stronger limitations than his peers who perform automated movements in the right way. Equally, it is important to detect as soon as possible the limitations imposed by genetics and physical predispositions, all with the aim of guiding the child into an activity that will bring the greatest benefit to his health. Testing in our Polyclinic is performed by doctors, physiotherapists and kinesiologists, and the components that make up the testing are:

    • the contents of sports activities depend on extremely complex and interconnected anatomical and physiological systems. Improperly automated movements cause stagnation in the development of young athletes with an increased risk of injury. Our program directs your child towards health prevention and constant developmental progression of general and specific cognitive-motor characteristics.

    • anthropometric analysis determines the initial state of your child’s physical characteristics. In accordance with the obtained results, we suggest and implement a development program aimed at improving them.
    • clinical treatment by an orthopedist is necessary in assessing the condition of the locomotor system. Tests performed by an orthopedist in collaboration with a physiotherapist provide excellent insight into the presence of possible musculoskeletal abnormalities. The examination consists of anamnesis, clinical and, if necessary, ultrasound examination. When taking a medical history, the orthopedist tries to notice the existence of a genetic predisposition for the development of conditions that interfere with or in the future can lead to disorders in sports, be it professional or recreational. The same is true for data from medical history, which tends to be correlated with current problems, if any. The clinical examination consists of a series of tests that determine the mobility of the joints, the range of motion in them, muscle tone and trophism, and examine various tendon reflexes. This is followed by a check of rough coordination and proprioception, after which a final evaluation is performed and an assessment of the condition of the locomotor system is given.

After the medical-sports evaluation, in our Polyclinic we enabled continuous work with children on correcting deficits within individual trainings adjusted to the results of our testing, and as part of group trainings in homogeneous groups of up to four young athletes with the aim of improving general coordination-motor characteristics of a child. At regular intervals, retesting is performed to measure the improvement in observed deficits.

As part of the further service after the implementation of the medical-sports evaluation, given the possible deficits noticed during testing, we offer for your child:

    • An individual approach is the most effective method in which the personal trainer and his athlete together correct and refine the deficits identified by tests. The advantage of this type of training is the fact that the coach’s attention is focused exclusively on one child, and this method of training is also the most useful in the context of the child’s progress.
    • The group approach involves a maximum of fouryoung athletes at a time, with the aim of improving the general abilities and characteristics of the child.
    • If our testing shows the absence of a deficit in the child’s cognitive-motor development, or this deficit is present but still unexpressed, a control reevaluation three and six months after the first is recommended.


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