Measurement of basal metabolism

Measure idle power consumption

Basal metabolism calculated as a rate (BMR, basalmetabolic rate), and we define it as a measure of energy expenditure in the body during rest. Its value expresses itself in calories, and describes itself as quantity calories that need to be taken into the body during 24h to be maintained basic vital functions at rest (respiration, heart rate, metabolic processes in various organs).

The value of BMR is extremely useful to know in a situation where an intervention is done on body weight (weight loss or gaining weight, but also maintaining the current weight). Equally, it is important to note that, although there are various equations and calculators used to determine the approximate value of BMR, the only objective way to determine its actual value is throughlaboratory testing. The value of BMR is determined in correlation with the amount of activities in which a person participates during the day. There are five types of activities that determine the coefficient of physical activity:

  • sedentary type
  • slightly active type
  • moderately active type
  • very active type
  • extremely active type.

Examination of basal metabolic values​​is performed on an empty stomach . Subjects are advised to avoid consuming any food for at least four hours before the test. Water is allowed to be consumed, although not immediately before the measurement, since there have been cases in which the consumption of cold water immediately before testing affects the measured value of basal metabolism. It is also recommended to avoid any physical activity immediately before testing. On the day of testing, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of substances such as caffeine.

Based on the values ​​of basal metabolism and the coefficient of activity in which a person participates, it is easy to determine the amount of calories to be consumed or exceeded depending on the client needsfor gain or loss on mass or if it wants to maintain current value.


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