Endoscopic spine microsurgery

Revolutionary endoscopic methods of treatment of the spine

The spine is a very complex biomechanical system composed of vertebrae, muscles, ligaments and discs. It is the central pillar of the human body that we rely on every day for most of the day. Most people, unfortunately, have a milder or more severe form of a painful condition of the spine, caused by altered anatomical relationships, being overweight, an injury, or simply genetic reasons.

One of the causes of pain is certainly the excessive mobility of the structures located between the vertebrae, which are the intervertebral discs. The symptoms that occur, limit physiological movements, cause pain that spreads to the arms or legs, muscle weakness and the appearance of characteristic “tingling” or sensory sensations. The presence of neurological deficits, such as urinary and stool disorders, are an urgent indication for surgical intervention. Such conditions are, fortunately, still in the minority.

The frequency of protrusion i.v. disc in the population is very high. It should be said that any protrusion of the disc is not associated with problems, that is, they are often asymptomatic conditions that resolve spontaneously.

Painful conditions of the spine are one of the leading causes of visits to the doctor. Before deciding on further treatment, it is necessary to do diagnostic processing in the form of X-ray and MR processing. Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine reveals the most information about soft structures.


If conservative treatment does not yield results, a surgical approach to the spine should be considered. Surgical treatment of the spine may not always involve the placement of metal implants such as plates and screws and other osteosynthetic material. Long-term and painful postoperative therapy that accompanies such operations is now not a necessity!

Surgical treatment of disc conditions and diseases has evolved from the traditional so-called “open” method to minimally invasive spine surgery, including endoscopic spine surgery. The continuous improvement of the imaging modality, especially by the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging, has made it possible to identify a degenerated segment of the disc and to determine the cause of pain very precisely.

Minimally invasive spine surgeries can be performed with a variety of endoscopic techniques for the lumbar, cervical, and thoracic areas.

The advantages of endoscopic spine surgeries are less tissue dissection and muscle trauma, reduced blood loss, less damage to the epidural blood supply and consequent epidural fibrosis and scarring, reduced clinic stay, faster recovery of function and improved quality of life and better aesthetic impression (no scarring). With accurate indication, proper diagnosis, and good training, endoscopic spine surgery can give just as good a result as open spine surgery. Previously, endoscopy was used for protrusions of the i.v. disks that were without the so-called. migrations, but are now also used for severely displaced disc herniations.

Endoscopic spine surgery can play an important role in the treatment of i.v. discs in adolescents, especially for persons engaged in competitive sports and athletes where minor tissue trauma and early functional recovery is desirable. The key is the education and experience of your operator in treating spinal problems.


Minimally invasive procedures shorten recovery after the procedure itself. This will vary from patient to patient and individual procedure, but in general, recovery is a few weeks, about 4-6 weeks.

Because minimally invasive techniques minimally damage muscles and soft tissues to a large extent, postoperative pain is less than pain after traditional open procedures.

To speed up recovery, we recommend dosed physical therapy.

Specific exercises as well as the application of biological treatment methods, such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), will help you strengthen your muscles and return to daily activities as soon as possible.

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