Finger deformity surgery

Want to have beautiful feet? Do you have a toe too long?

Polyclinic Ribnjak in its wide range of services also offers the procedure of shortening the toes. Thanks to the daily joint work of specialists in plastic surgery and orthopedics, we offer you the opportunity to perform the procedure after which you will notice the aesthetic and functional improvement of the operated area.

Here the experience of an orthopedic specialist comes to the fullest extent, with a narrower field of action of foot surgery. Given the complexity of the foot structure, a study approach is required that does not allow for deviation in such a small operative area. The causality of the crooked toe, ie hallux valgus deformity, which is relatively frequent, stands out in particular. It most often occurs in women, in the beginning there are pains in the feet, and then a deformity of the big toe, which is also an aesthetic problem!

Excessive length of the second or third, and sometimes the fourth toe significantly impairs gait, quality of life and even aesthetics, especially of a woman’s foot. A big problem in such cases is footwear, which becomes too small. As a result of the conflict between the shoes and the toe, there is pain, swelling, redness of the toe with frequent formation of painful pressure on the upper side of the toe. If this condition is not corrected, a fixed deformity of the finger can occur.


The reasons for the excessive length of the toes can be the actual length of the toe in relation to the others or it can be a deviation of the big toe (hallux valgus, squat), which then gives a picture of excessive length of a second toe. With such altered biomechanical relationships, there is a muscle imbalance, which in turn is the cause of “shrunken” fingers and the so-called. “hammer” deformations. This delicate correction operation is performed by an orthopedic specialist with a pronounced eye for detail and a sense of aesthetics.

We distinguish two types of procedures:

  • Arthroplasty, when resection is performed at the level of the small joint,
  • Fusionor joiningof two ends of free bones (interphalangeal arthrodesis).

Also, sometimes it is necessary to perform a procedure on the soft tissues (tendons, ligaments) of the finger.

Finger shortening usually involves bone resection and placement of a temporary fixation in the form of a thin wire that is removed in 3 weeks. There is no pain during the entire procedure, due to carefully dosed anesthesia and sparing surgical technique.


The procedure of “shortening” the toes is most often performed under local anesthesia, although it is possible to perform it in the so-called “block” or regional anesthesia and, exceptionally, under general anesthesia. It is desirable to have a laboratory result of blood analysis, not older than a couple of months. It is extremely important in talking to your operator to point out if you are allergic to a local anesthetic.


Recovery after a finger shortening is quick and takes several weeks.

During all this time, normal walking with instructions is possible. Since a small part of the wire protrudes, ie protrudes from the tip of the finger, covered with a cap, slightly larger footwear is still needed during the recovery period. This avoids a possible conflict between the shoe and the toes. It is necessary to avoid loads on the fingertips, such as lifting on the toes, running, jumping, etc. After 3 to 4 weeks, the wire is removed, which is completely painless. This is followed by a free mode of movement, but it is recommended to watch for even shorter loads on the front part of the foot.


When the procedure on the toes is performed with special care and according to all the rules of the profession, complications during and after the procedure should not be expected.

However, during and after the procedure, bleeding and hematoma may occur, which makes it difficult to heal in the area of ​​the incision. A common occurrence in the weeks after the procedure is swelling of the finger with minor pain in the operated area.

After a few weeks, the swelling of the finger decreases and it takes on its new shape.

During postoperative care, our professional staff is at your disposal for any inquiries.


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