Hip operation

Osteoarthritis or aging of the joint, encompasses all its structures, ligaments, bones, joint capsule

Osteoarthritis of the hip

Coxarthrosisor arthrosis deformans coxae is a joint condition characterized by degenerative changes in the hip. The hip joint is in a unique position in the system of the moving organs, at the transition between the torso and the lower extremities. It is about the so-called spherical joint type, very mobile. The articular bodies consist of the acetabulum (cup, located in the pelvic bone) and the femur (femur).

Articular cartilage has many functions necessary for the physiological functioning of the joint.

  • Osteoarthritis or aging of the joint, includes all its structures, ligaments, bones, joint capsule ..
  • The weight of the upper body is distributed properly on both hip joints
  • Changes that disrupt the proper distribution of the load, lead over time to the occurrence of arthritic changes

We distinguish between primary and secondary coxarthrosis:

  • Primary(essential or idiopathic arthrosis) occurs due to a disturbed balance between wear and regeneration, which is slowed and reduced.
    It is manifested by narrowing of the joint space, thinning and fragmentation of articular cartilage, and later changes in bone tissue.
  • Secondaryoccurs due to some known causative factor, which in some way mechanically damages the joint (dysplastic arthrosis, arthrosis that occurs after inflammation, injury and tumors). The patient feels severe pain in the hips when walking, a difficult climb up and down the stairs, fatigue and stiffness in the joints.

Clinical picture

The changes that occur show the progression of different dynamics… there is a decrease in mobility and the appearance of pain, which patients most often describe in the “groin”. In a certain number of people, the pain is absent

There is always a reduced walking distance, a difficult climb up and down the stairs, fatigue and stiffness. The muscles of the thigh become weaker, which makes it even more difficult to move.

The pain usually decreases at rest, limping often occurs even before the onset of pain.


Surgical treatment of advanced arthritic changes is hip replacement – endoprosthesis implantation.

Recovery takes place according to an established protocol and can sometimes be associated with pain and limited movement after the procedure, limping and weakness.

If you have doubts about the above surgical treatment, it is by no means without reason.

Surgery is a form of treatment reserved for cases refractory to conservative treatment.


But equally surgery is not possible in all patients for many reasons, both surgical and internal.

In addition, a large number of patients with painful hip conditions are amenable to successful treatment with biological methods, such as STEM CELLS AND AUTOLOGIC CONDITIONED PLASMA.

We invite you to a specialist examination by our experts in order to determine together the possibilities of preserving your hip joint.

Contact us with full confidence.


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