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A combination of diagnostics and orthopedic treatment

Examination by orthopedic specialists

For the correct determination of orthopedic difficulties, the knowledge and experience of orthopedic medicine specialists is necessary. But in addition, it is also important to know the diagnostic techniques that greatly speed up and facilitate the diagnosis. Ultrasound is on of those techniques. Let’s find out more about it.

Complete clinical treatment by orthopedists and physiotherapists is necessary in assessing the condition of the locomotor system. Tests performed by an orthopedist in collaboration with a physiotherapist provide excellent insight into the presence of possible musculoskeletal abnormalities. The examination in our Polyclinic consists of taking an extensive anamnesis and performing a thorough clinical and, if necessary, ultrasound examination.

When taking a medical history, the orthopedist tries to notice the existence of a genetic predisposition for the development of conditions that interfere with or may lead to impaired quality of life in the future. The same is true for data from medical history, which tends to be correlated with current ailments.

The clinical examination consists of a series of tests that determine the mobility of the joints, the range of motion in them, muscle tone and trophism. and different tendon reflexes are examined. This is followed by a check of rough coordination and proprioception, after which a final evaluation is performed and an assessment of the condition of the locomotor system is given.

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An experienced orthopedist can usually make an accurate diagnosis based on the anamnesis and clinical examination, but in cases when it is unclear or wants to be confirmed, ultrasound is used. The top-quality ultrasound we use at the Ribnjak Polyclinic is a guarantee of the accuracy of the performed diagnostics.

High-resolution ultrasound, but also the experience of the orthopedic team of the Polyclinic, allows you to make a timely diagnosis, as well as adequate treatment options. Ultrasound unmistakably detects advances in treatment, whereby it is possible to accurately determine the condition of the injury and more accurately predict the recovery of the musculoskeletal system.

During the examination, the patient usually sits, lies or stands. A gel is applied to the skin that serves as a medium between the ultrasound device and the body so that the anatomical structures can be displayed on the monitor of the ultrasound device.

Ultrasound examination is available for soft tissues, ie muscles, tendons and, in some places, articular cartilage. Bone parts of the body are most often not seen on ultrasound, although it is sometimes possible to identify a superficial crack at the site of a bone fracture, but X-rays, computed tomography (MSCT) and / or magnetic resonance imaging (MR) should be done to show bone structures.

It is necessary to bring medical documentation (medical history) related to the examination to the ultrasound examination.

Immediately before the examination, it is necessary to remove clothing and jewelry from the examined part of the body. There are no long preparations that the patient should pay attention to before the examination.

In general, diagnostic ultrasound is a non-invasive and painless method of examination. Eventually, it is possible for the patient to feel pain only if the place and otherwise painful area are examined.

Ultrasound is often used as an aid in treatment. In our Polyclinic, we most often use it as part of the application of platelet rich plasma and stem cells, where it greatly facilitates the application of these preparations exactly to the site of damage. Modern medicine cannot even be imagined without ultrasound, and we attach similar importance to it. If you suffer from pain for a long time, have limited movement or some other disturbance that impairs your quality of life, you have come to the right place – contact us on our phone number 01 / 5510-832 or on our e-mail address info@poliklinikaribnjak.hr and provide quality diagnosis and adequate treatment.

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With our advanced diagnostic device we can perform:

  • General ultrasound
  • Pediatric ultrasound
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound

Ultrasound examination

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