Vladimir Barbarossa,

He completed his internship at the University Clinic “San Matteo”, Faculty of Medicine in Pavia (Italy). In May 1977. he passed the professional exam, and then in the same year he obtained a license for independent work in Italy.

In July 1978. He was employed in DZ Benkovac as a primary health care doctor. In December 1978. He transferred to the Orthopedic Hospital Biograd na Moru as a specialist in orthopedics and passed the specialist exam in August 1984. in Zagreb. In June 1988. transferred to the Department of Orthopedics of the General Hospital Sveti Duh in Zagreb, and on March 13, 2008. transferred to the Clinic for Traumatology Zagreb.

Introduces to the Department of Orthopedics OB Sveti Duh radical treatment of bone infections by the method of bone transport, better known as the Ilizarov method. He defends his master’s thesis, writes and publishes scientific and professional papers related to the Ilizarov method. He talks about the same topic at various professional meetings as a participant and invited lecturer in the country and abroad. Promotes the media method (high-circulation newspapers). It gives primacy to the Department of Orthopedics Holy Spirit when applying the same method on the thigh and extremely large bone defects. This is achieved by a kind of modified constructions of the original apparatus. In this sense, the Department of Orthopedics treats the most complex bone inflammations from all over Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studies the immunity of patients with bone infections in cooperation with the Allergology Department of the Internal Clinic OB Sveti Duh and introduces adjuvant treatment methods. He is the head of the Department of Bone Infections at the Department of Orthopedics Sveti Duh. He works closely with the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Hospital Infections and publishes several professional papers. He is a co-founder and vice president of the Association for the Study and Application of the Ilizarov Method (A.S.A.M.I.). Introductions A.S.A.M.I. protocol for osteomyelitis and infected pseudoarthrosis defect at the Department of Orthopedics O.B. Sveti Duh

He cooperates with the Clinic for Traumatology in Zagreb, where he comes as an invited operator in the most complex cases of bone infection and instructs the Ilizarov doctrine. He helps with the preparation of one doctoral dissertation and two master’s theses, all from the field of the Ilizarov method.

He introduces completely new surgical procedures in the Department of Orthopedics in the area of ​​the upper thoracic opening, shoulders, hands, hips, knees and feet.

He is an active orthopedic associate at the Ribnjak Polyclinic.


Poliklinika Ribnjak jedinstvena je ustanova na području Republike Hrvatske. Objedinjuje različite grane medicine, a sve kako bi ostala vjerna svom sloganu “Zdravlje i Ljepota. Zajedno”. Ortopedija, napredna sportska dijagnostika, funkcionalna i kineziološka rehabilitacija, estetska kirurgija i tretmani, usluge su koje pružamo svakodnevno, stručno i u skladu s najnovijim profesionalnim standardima.

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