Surgery of curled fingers of the hand

Dupuytren’s contracture


Named after the French surgeon Dupuytren, this condition is a progressive connective tissue disease. The most common localization of the disease is in the palm area as an isolated phenomenon. It is characterized by the appearance of “nodules” and “stripes” on the palm, which increase over time and lead to increasing curling of the fingers, the so-called. flexion contractures of the fingers. The basis of this process is the proliferation of connective tissue, so the skin becomes increasingly hard and immobile due to the lack of subcutaneous adipose tissue.

The patient notices a progressive “curl” of the fingers at the level of the two rows of joints of the little finger, ring finger and middle finger. The strength of the hand decreases, daily activities become more difficult as the deformities progress.


The IV and V fingers are usually affected, and most of the patients are men between 40 and 60 years of age. It often occurs in diabetics, people with HIV infection and hyperlipidemia. Also, both hands are frequently affected by this disease which limits the patient in performing daily activities.


Initially, the contracture can be treated by applying corticosteroid injections to the area of ​​thickening. Usually several applications are needed, which leads to a certain reduction in changes.

Thanks to the increasing use of platelet rich plasma, the results of such treatment are more than promising. After a couple of injections, it softens, but also reduces the thickening in the palm area. The method is completely safe and painless, and is performed by specialized staff of the Polyclinic.

Today, injections of the enzyme collagenase are also offered, the application of which leads to the breakdown of the thickenings present on the palms. This type of therapy still has a high price in our market. There are several stages of this disease, and if there is a progression of the condition, it is necessary to resort to surgical treatment.

Surgical treatment consists of the so-called. fascictomy, partial or radical by which we remove more or less diseased tissue. Unfortunately, there are certain cases in which amputation of a bent finger is the only solution.


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